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“I am writing to thank you for an excellent product.  According to my dermatologist, I am what’s known as an ‘atopic’ individual, meaning that I have eczema, asthma and hayfever and seem to be extremely sensitive to a lot of things!  Because of this I’ve had recurring dry eczema on my face and neck, and also behind my elbows and knees for a long time.  With the exception of hydrocortisone creams, the only product I’ve found which clears it up (and believe me I’ve tried many products, including prescription and natural) is your Skin Health Crème.  Since using it on my face and hands and any other problem areas, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement.  My face is no longer dry, flaking and irritated, but has become soft and healthy.  My hands is no longer itchy, cracked and inflamed.  For me this is a major breakthrough.  It is wonderful not having to use hydrocortisone creams which have a “thinning” effect on the skin long-term. I look forward to trying your other products and would certainly recommend them to anyone else with the same condition as me.”




“I am writing on behalf of my father, 83 who suffers with very dry skin.  I have tried various medical prescribed creams, which have not helped my father’s skin problem.  I then discovered that he had been given one of your products “Skin Health Crème” for skin problems – Manuka Honey & Propolis.  This has been the only crème that has been successful.
Upper Hutt
I recently bought your skin health cream 18+ as I have an ongoing adult acne problem.  I’ve been using the product twice a day on the affected area and the results are amazing.  My skin has cleared up with virtually no spots.  After years of trying so many products I am glad to have come across this!  Thank you.
“For about 10 years  now I have had a small heat rash on my shin that just never goes away.  I've seen doctors who always prescribe hydrocortizone for it.   Yes the hydrocortizone works but only very briefly.  Then the  rash just comes back and I hate the thought of using such a strong medication all the time.  So for years I have put up with the rash and  cringed when people ask me "What wrong with your leg?".   I usually  told them "Ah its nothing - just a shaving rash'.  Anyway I tried your  18+ product and my shin has not looked this good in a decade.  The rash is gone and the skin is rejuvenating for the first time in years.  I wish I had known about it years ago”.
“Two weeks ago I stopped at a honey place outside Sansom New Zealand where I bought your 18+ active manuka honey and propolis crème because my skin has been flaking for a while and I had touches of I think Eczema.  I put it on as soon as I got to the car and by the next day noticing definite change in my skin and my foundation when I put it on.

“Your products have great healing power for skin problems and have helped me for so many years now”.
Waiheke Island

Thank God that you got a wonderful product.  I got one from my friend as a birthday gift and it has really worked wonders for me.  I would like to order if you can give me online details.  Keep it up!”

“Could you please send me a catalogue of your Skin Health Cremes please.  My husband has been using the above on his hands and the troublesome skin problem has all but disappeared.  We need to buy another jar.”
“I purchased a tube of your 18+ Active Manuka Honey & Propolis Skin Health Crème.  I am extremely happy with this product.  It started healing my psoriasis from the very first application and I have used it on other skin problems with continuing success”.

“A couple of days ago I went to the health store in Auckland to get a cream for a rash I had on my skin.  I bought your ‘skin health for persistent skin problems’.  This is the most amazing product I have ever used!

Hi, I am a healthcare worker in Ireland and, because of repeated hand washing, I have dermatitis affecting the backs of my hands.  I have tried all sorts of hand creams, gone to bed with my hands covered in "intensive" hand creams with a pair of cotton gloves over them.  All to no avail, in fact most hands creams seem to sting and irritate my hands more.  I tried your 18+ Active Manuka Honey and Propolis cream on Tuesday - within 24 hours I noticed an improvement and now (Saturday) my hands look and feel normal.  The skin no longer feels like sandpaper, in fact its lovely and soft, and it is not red and angry or cracking any more.  This is an amazing product, I can't believe how quickly it works.  I bought it mail order having come across it by accident when I was looking up Manuka Honey.  I'd never heard of it before and I'm not sure how widely available it is in Ireland.  Have you put it through any clinical trials?  If you haven't then you must.  Doctors tend to prescribe steroid creams and the like but this has to be even better.  The smell is not nice (the only downside) but that can't be helped.  Well, that's all I wanted to say.  I am just stunned by how quickly my hands have improved - I feel I want to let everyone know about your cream.
I can’t believe the difference to my skin since using Madeleine Ritchie Skin Health 18+.  In my mid 30's I've still had terrible skin with hormonal breakouts every month.  I've tried a lot of products and nothing has helped until I tried this product.  Within a few weeks my skin seems a lot healthier, blemishes heal incredibly quickly and unsightly red blotches have cleared up.  I'm amazed and will be buying the whole range.
New Zealand
I wanted to review this product because I was skeptical about it at first. As a nurse having been taught about so many conventional treatments, sometimes in certain conditions you have to stop for a moment and think about some alternatives before rushing in with things which may have side effects.

About 3 years ago I first discovered my son had an allergy to house dust. The way I discovered this was that we went on holiday to Scotland and were unlucky enough to hire not only a holiday cottage but one in which a hundred years dust was in residence. I have never seen so much dust in one place, it was dreadful. The only cleaner they had was prehistoric, had no suction, and it was dire. He developed a cough which became almost that of an asthmatic. Fortunately this stopped when we returned home. What did emerge though was an extensive patch of eczema which was over most of his legs and was actually bordering on moderate to severe. He found this very distressing.

My first thought was to use a mild hydrocortisone cream which I did. I also changed his floor covering from carpet to laminate and I bought him a new mattress and invested in some anti allergy bedding and mattress protectors. There was a mild improvement in the eczema but not enough to make me feel that he was improving enough so I bought a jar of the cream from a company called Nature's Nectar.

I had in the back of my mind an idea that Manuka Honey was being used to treat eczema and was relieved to find a source of cream made from the honey. is the website I found which is devoted to the honey and its products.  The company behind the website called Nature's Nectar was founded by Chris Wood who was born in South Africa but has lived in the UK since she was 23. Her interest had always been in natural medicine and in 2000 she was on holiday in New Zealand when she was able to see for the first time the role active manuka honey had to play in the treatment of wounds and infections and on return to the UK began an extensive programme of research.

Just to give you some of the background about Manuka Honey. It comes from New Zealand and is the product of bees who gather nectar from the flowers of The Manuka Honey Bush- just as often you see honey in various flavours depending on the flowers in the local area, so this is the name given to this variety. These areas where the Manuka bushes grow are wild and uncultivated and are only found in New Zealand.   The honey has antibacterial properties and when applied to the skin has in recent trials been effective against MRSA and taken internally there is growing evidence that the honey can kill the bug which causes stomach ulcers namely Helicobacter Pylori. Not all the honey produced has these capabilities but all of it is taken to The University in New Zealand where it is tested and given a strength rating the higher the strength the more the potency, this is called the UMF.

I should explain that you can buy the pure honey which you can eat and various preparations which you can purchase to be applied topically i.e. on the skin.

I ordered the skin health cream on recommendation from the owner who was extremely helpful when I contacted her by telephone. 01252 330 850.

I purchased a jar of the cream which was £15.49 and was advised to apply it twice a day to the affected area. We were also advised to supplement the treatment with manuka honey taken internally so I did purchase some of this but my son hated the taste and although they sell tablets we decided on cost grounds too not to do this but to try the cream only first.

The cream is a mixture of New Zealand honey which has a UMF high rating of 18 and bee propolis. Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds and in the cream it is combined with evening primrose and calendula oils.  We tried the cream and I was amazed. Within 3 days the angry areas had calmed down and the skin looked paler and less irritated. By two weeks there were good areas of skin forming between the lesions and the skin looked much healthier. By a month there was only the tell tale signs of slight pink areas to indicate there had ever been a problem and by two months the skin was completely back to normal with no signs of the condition at all.

I am not saying that any treatment is an alternative to that provided by the doctor but in the case of eczema it is often a condition which is difficult to treat. It was a total success and so if you are struggling to cope with eczema I would suggest this may help it certainly did for us and my son has not had a recurrence since.

It is also worth mentioning that the triggers for eczema are varied and some are related to diet such as an allergy to cows milk so it may not be as successful if you are in that category. For my son though it did work very successfully and I would have no hesitation in tying it again.   I think it may also have been due to the measures we put in place regarding the dust mite allergy such as bedding and mattress replacement as dust mites thrive in areas where they can live in moist warm places.

I think it is a viable treatment and certainly one I would try.
Summary: I would recommend this for mild to moderate eczema.

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